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Minties Nft

Our story is simple, we love NFTs and we love everyone that makes them so popular(Yes, even the fudders)!

Minties NFTs is an exclusive social haven for TRUE NFT lovers, each coming with a surprise for everyone that contributes to a successful mint! Prizes are based on the rarity of your NFT, and minting one ensures your WL spot for the next drop!

75% of project funds are put right back into the community to ensure that a prize can come with each Mintie NFT for every collection release!

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As we release more collections, money will be reinvested in new and creative ways to give back to the community!


We are all excited to hang! Super friendly, knowledgable, and eager to share our interests!


Everyone that mints gets a reward at 100%! That’s right, everyone! The more rare the NFT is, the sweeter the prize is!




Chief Creative Officer

Rezlone is all about art. In real life, he is a tattoo artist. His art style is New School. With over 3 years in the NFT space, he has done some amazing projects and his art is just magic.
In his free time, he can be found playing Call of Duty. He is passionate about art and giving back to the community, and providing opportunities for individuals.




Chief Everything Officer

Pwine is all about community, communication, and marketing. Having been in the space for 2 years now and working on several successful projects, she is excited to work with another close-knit team.

Her positive attitude, forward-thinking, attention to detail, and organizational skills make her rather exceptional. In her real life, she is a Customer Success Manager and loves to build relationships, and that is what she exactly does in the WEB3 space as well. She is always focused on the community and always goes the extra mile. Her words:

“Without the community, the project wouldn’t exist”

She loves traveling, Japanese culture, exploring new things (online and offline), going on adventures, and is also a big cat lover! (she adopted 3 lovely cats) Giving back to the community is something that feels so good in IRL and WEB3!




Chief Technical Officer

Besides raising awareness of your band, we also help you find venues for your performances, partnering with a wide range of restaurants, schools, coffee shops, and convention halls.

We work with bands and musicians who seek to play abroad, finding them venues in foreign cities or on cruises. We’ll put you in contact with the venue in question and help you negotiate your contract, plan your trip, and publicize your performance.

We are committed to providing the absolute best quality to each and every one of our customers.




Chief Purpose Officer

 An avid web developer and cyber security enthusiast, Terrance has been grinding in the NFT community for over a year. His experience as a Web2 application developer has inspired him to approach the Web3 space in truly innovative ways.

Working on a multitude of P2E and DAO-based projects, Terrance has teamed up with other thought leaders he’s encountered in the space to help make successful contributions to Web3. Minties NFT is only the beginning!

He loves food, video games, and anything related to computers! He is passionate about not just giving back, but providing opportunities for individuals with lifelong value.




Community Manager

Suryaa is an experienced moderator with a passion for community building and online engagement. With 4 years of experience moderating various online platforms, he has honed his skills in conflict resolution, communication, and community management.

In addition to his moderation experience, he is also well-versed in the world of cryptocurrency, having spent 2 years actively participating in various crypto communities on Discord.

Through his involvement in these communities, he has gained a deep understanding of the technical and social aspects of cryptocurrency, as well as the challenges and opportunities that come with this emerging field.



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