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Our Mission

MintiesNFT stands as an exclusive social sanctuary for TRUE NFT aficionados, where every Minties NFT packs a delightful surprise for those weaving success into each minting adventure. This isn’t just a project; it’s a celebration of community!

Our singular focus is you – our vibrant community. With each new collection drop, we ensure that every minting enthusiast takes home a prize, solidifying our commitment to making your Minties experience extraordinary. And here’s the twist: as our community blossoms and the project expands, so do the rewards. It’s a win-win that just keeps getting better!

Minties Mindshare

Stay hip and giggly with our news and media service – it's the one that even your coffee breaks find entertaining! Now available on more platforms than a tap-dancing octopus. Stay informed, stay amused, and let the good times roll!

Minties NFTs

Embark on an extraordinary journey with a collection of 1,000 plus NFTs spread across 11 epic drops!

Minties Benefits Hub

Unlock the VIP zone of awesomeness with our rewards and benefits program! Because who said perks can't be as flexible as a yoga instructor on a trampoline? Get ready for a joyride of exclusive goodies – it's like a party, but with more unicorns!

Our story

Minties – where early vibes meet big dreams! We’re NFT enthusiasts on a wild ride, spreading joy with each Minties NFT that packs a punch of surprise.

Our groove is community-focused. Ethereum prizes, cool perks, and a dash of community magic. Transparency and inclusivity? We’ve got it in spades – your voice decides the financial dance.

But wait, there’s more! 2% of minting funds supports projects close to our hearts, and you’re the decision-maker on the cash dash. Get a front-row seat in team meetings, gaining insights into our project’s soul – we’re all about letting you in on the fun.

Now, picture this: 10,000 gems, 11 mind-blowing mints, and you call the shots! Even the mint price is up for a vote. Our star utility? The Minties Box – a subscription service turning the tables. Blacklist? The new cool here, giving a positive spin to exclusivity.

Our mission? Building the ultimate Web3/2 Community! So join our cosmic party – surprises await, and we’ve got plenty to share!



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