Our Mission

At MintiesNFT, we’re pioneers on a mission to redefine the NFT landscape. Our story is simple and heartfelt – a passion for NFTs and the incredible creators shaping this digital revolution.

Every Minties NFT is not just a digital treasure; it’s a portal to a world of delightful surprises, keeping the minting excitement alive for our cherished community.

Transparency and inclusivity are our guiding principles. Minties holders aren’t just spectators; they’re active participants, invited into team meetings to gain insights into the project’s beating heart.

Our Vision

At MintiesNFT, our vision transcends the ordinary. We are architects of a future where NFTs redefine the digital frontier, and Minties stands as a beacon of innovation and community empowerment.

Our journey is one of relentless growth, creation, and sustainability. Rooted in a deep love for NFTs and the brilliant minds sculpting their significance, MintiesNFT envisions a world where every NFT is not just a piece of digital art but a gateway to boundless surprises.

Company Founders

Petra Wijnands - Chief Everything Officer

Meet Pwine - a seasoned professional with 4 years of experience in the space, specializing in community, communication, and marketing. Having successfully contributed to multiple projects. Pwine's exceptional qualities include a positive attitude, forward-thinking mindset, attention to detail, and superb organizational skills. As a Customer Success Manager in her real life, she excels in building relationships—translating seamlessly into her role in the WEB3 space. She's community-focused, always going the extra mile, and firmly believes, "Without the community, the project wouldn't exist." Beyond her professional endeavors, Pwine loves traveling, embraces Japanese culture, enjoys online and offline exploration, seeks adventures, and proudly shares her home with three adopted cats. Giving back to the community is her passion, both in IRL and the exciting world of WEB3!

DaKwan Bonnick-Tomlinson - Chief Purpose Officer

Meet NFTerrance, a dedicated web developer and cybersecurity enthusiast who has been actively shaping the NFT community for over a year. Armed with his expertise as a Web2 application developer, Terrance brings a fresh and innovative approach to the Web3 space. Having collaborated on various Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) projects, Terrance has forged partnerships with fellow thought leaders, making significant contributions to the success of Web3 initiatives. And Minties NFT is just the beginning of his journey! Beyond coding, Terrance has a deep love for food, video games, and all things related to computers. His passion extends beyond personal interests; he is committed to giving back and creating lasting opportunities that provide lifelong value for individuals. Terrance is not just a developer; he's a visionary crafting the future of the decentralized web.

Rezlone - Chief Creative Officer

Step into the vibrant world of Rezlone, where art is not just a passion but a way of life. In the realm of reality, Rezlone is a masterful tattoo artist, known for his distinctive New School art style that breathes life into every canvas. Immersed in the NFT space for over three years, Rezlone has woven magic through his artistic endeavors, contributing to several remarkable projects that showcase the depth of his creative prowess. Beyond the tattoo studio and NFT canvases, Rezlone's free time is often spent in the virtual battlegrounds of Call of Duty, where he channels the same intensity and precision that define his art. His commitment to art is not confined to his craft; it's a vehicle through which he strives to give back to the community. Rezlone is more than an artist; he's a community builder with a passion for providing opportunities to individuals seeking a creative path. His journey is a testament to the belief that art transcends mediums, connecting people, and creating spaces for boundless expression. Join Rezlone in this artistic odyssey where every stroke tells a story, and every project is a masterpiece in the making.