Our Roadmap is simple: Innovation. Community. Earnings. We believe at the core of Web3 lies these three things, and we made it our job to provide them! We have coined the term “Mint Season” to desribe the time-frame in which we are activley releasing NFTs for mint and purchase. When mint season ends, we shift our focus to further community/collection development before the next season begins! If each collection reaches 100% mint, hodlers can expect guranteed rewards as well as what we have in our plans listed below! 

Season 1: 

  • Begin Development of Merch Line and online marketplace
  • Establish relationships with other collections, start the search for artist collabs
  • Hold frequent community events and gatherings either irl or virtually, including metaverse parties!

Season 2: 

  • Deploy New Artwork for season 2
  • More IRL Events and Conventions
  • Explore partnerships with toy manufacturers and other Web2 companies to futher provide irl utility
  • Begin development of staking system for hodlers

Season 3, Onward: 

  • Deploy new artwork fro season 3
  • Establish ourselves as the ultimate Web3 Community and largest global impact initiative on the PLANET
  • Develop P2E Brawl style game with characters from every collection
  • Establish a creative studio to make your wildest dreams come true!
  • Deployment of product lines in partnership with Web2 Companies
  • innaugrial MECCA(Minties Exclusive Community Convention Awards) Where note-worthy hodlers are celebrated for their contribution to the community and other spaces!

A web3 safe haven

Making use of art in all forms

We’ve seen the future of Web3 unfold into a chaotically beautiful masterpiece! With incredible art being made into Non-fungible masterpieces and creative ideas molded into smart contracts, the possibilities seemingly never end. As longtime investors, we’ve seen the true potential Web3 has to not only bridge the gap between art and technology but also strengthen our human connection. Joining Minties means contributing to the biggest global sustainability project on the planet!


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Everyone wins!

The only focus of this project is our community! By taking 75% of total funds and reinvesting into Minties, we can ensure that with the release of every collection, each person that mints will get a prize. Prizes are based on the rarity of their NFT and will be different with every collection. As our community and the project grows, so will the size of the rewards! Part of our goal is to eventually have future collections that feature NFTs sourced from undervalued or abandoned projects!

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